Kasper van Hoek

3"CDr (18:14 min.)
Self-released 2005

3"CDr made with Titchener in mind. Titchener was said to have a theory about the mind and the number 30507 which is hard to trace back.

1: Untitled


Vital Weekly by Frans de Waard

In Vital Weekly 478 I was introduced to the work of Dutch painter and musician Kasper van Hoek, via his release '5', which had various diverse fragments from his work so far. In these two new mini CDR releases, he limits himself to a more conceptual approach per release.
The first is about the structuralist philosopher Titchener, who thought the consciousness consisted of 30507 different elements. Van Hoek recorded 30507 sinus waves from the frequency of the same number and treats those sounds on his computer. The eighteen minutes are filled with noise related glitch material, but in a rather cut-up, collaged vein.
The material is sort of alright, but could have perhaps used a bit more editing to make the composition a bit stronger. Now it remains in the 'air' too much in a too much of an improvised approach.