Kasper van Hoek

CDr (58:17 min.)
Self-released 2005
25 ex.

Second album.

1: Turntablism 2: Lekkage 3: Beat 4: Electric Paranoia 5: Drone 2 6: Machine 7: Apparatus 8: Composition For Pick-up's And Vodka 9: Tapedecks 10: Submarine 11: Eleven


Vital Weekly by Frans de Waard

A Dutch painter and sound producer this Kasper van Hoek, who self-released his CDR of various works, which serve for me as an introduction to his work and it's probably intended as such.
In some of his titles he gives away what he is doing, like in 'Turntablism' or 'Composition For Pick-Up's And Vodka' or what he is aiming at such as 'Beat' and 'Drone 2'.
It's kinda hard to tell though what he is using, soundwise. A turntable, electronics and computer spring to mind. There is an overall sense of minimalism and a mild interest in noise, even when this is not a shocking noise release. This is the friendly face of noise, perhaps.
In each of the eleven track things don't change very much. Once the sounds are in place, they pretty much stay there, which may seem boring, but his sounds are interesting enough to hold the attention throughout. Topped with a nice cover, this is quite a nice release.