Kasper van Hoek

3"CDr (10:11 min.)
HeilsKabaal Records 2007
15 ex.

3"CDr given to people who made a concept design for the HeilsKabaal Records logo.
The person who made the final logo got a one-run lathe-cut 10" with the same tracks as featured on this release.

1: A 2: B


Vital Weekly by Frans de Waard

This release comes in two forms: fifteen copies on a 3" CDR and one copy on a 10" - if this isn't art, what is?
Kasper van Hoek loves his instruments to be originating from the thrift store - old turntables, old cassette players, reel to reel machines and old vinyl and tapes.
The first piece deals with the sound of two skipping turntables with nails as needles. He asks us to guess what's playing. Could be anything, as far as I'm concerned. Boyd Rice's Non springs to mind. Crude, minimal sounds with a great sense of looping, obviously I'd say with the turntable being the instrument.
The second piece (might that be 'B'?) is a reworking of a live piece from early 2006, and it's a much more interesting piece of electronics and objects. Things hiss, sizzle, crack in an interesting, intense way, with keeps the tension in this piece alive. It will be part of a larger release by Van Hoek, and rightly so, I think.