Kommbat and Kasper van Hoek

CDr (15:25 min.)
Audio Office Records 2008
25 ex.

Collaboration with Kommbat. Both artists made a track of processed environmental recordings made in their home towns. Then they both reworked each other's track.

1: Kommbat - Cologne 2: Kasper van Hoek - Groningen (Kommbat remix) 3: Kommbat - Cologne (Kasper van Hoek remix) 4: Kasper van Hoek- Groningen


Vital Weekly by Frans de Waard

The same Van Hoek worked together with one Marco Medkour, also known as Kommbat and who also works as Akustik Film and Organo Flex, and runs the rec72 netlabel, who is from Cologne.
Each of them delivers a track based on field recordings from their own city and a remix of the other's city. It's a short release, of which I don't understand why it wasn't put on a 3" either with such a nice box as the previous one.
Medkour's sound picture of Cologne passes without too much notion, and his remix of Groningen is nice, but hardly a remix: he sets forward some beat material and mixes in the street recordings.
Van Hoek on the other side picks some sounds and makes short loops and creates his own industrial rhythm from these sound material at hand. Quite nice, but perhaps a bit long. His solo field recording amplifies the hiss aspect of the recording.
Good but as great his last offering on Dirty Demos.