Kasper van Hoek
Frank 4

CDr (22:57 min.)
Heilskabaal Records 2010
20 ex.

Frank is a series of 5 CDr releases with documentation of tracks recorded by Kasper van Hoek during his studies at the Frank Mohr Institute.
The best tracks of the series were later compiled for the De Valse Wolfskwint En Andere Fabeldieren CD.

1: Kasper van Hoek and Jan Klug 2: Kasper van Hoek, Jan Klug, Corneel Canters and Michael Dotolo


Vital Weekly by Jan-Kees Helms

Frank 4 is the fourth edition in a serial of five CD-r's created by Kasper van Hoek. He studies at the Interactive Media and Environments course of the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen - The Netherlands. Frank is a documentation of the music he made and will make with his own hand made instruments. The recordings have been made between 2008 and 2010.
Frank 4 consists of two live improvised performances recorded at the NP3 Gallery on 3 July 2010.
The first session is played by Jan Klug and Kasper van Hoek. The music has a closed quiet and abstract atmosphere. The dark tones of the self-build string instrument and laptop get an more open mood caused by the clarinet tones. The piece is well improvised and although both musicians didn't do any preparation beforehand, it has not the mood of an improvised piece of music.
The second part of this evening is played by a group consisting of Michael Dotolo from the USA, Jan Klug, Kasper van Hoek and Corneel Canters. This music has really the context of a improvisation. The group of musicians is seaching for the palette of tones and rhythms and they find it in a good manner. Quiet tones, becomes more noisy and slow down in meditative moments, which are disturbed by high pitched tones greeted by strings and electronic sounds.
The third part which was played during this evening was a very quiet piece of music, because the audience was in a quiet mood during this evening. Unfortunately there were too much background noise so the quality of the recording was not good enough to release it. Although this makes me very curious, because the compositions have a great intensity.