Kasper van Hoek
Live At Extrapool

CDr (19:37 min.)
HeilsKabaal Records 2007
100 ex.

CDr with 2 tracks recorded live at Extrapool in December 2006.

1: Live At Extrapool 1 2: Live At Extrapool 2


The Sound Projector by Ed Pinsent

Kasper van Hoek, An intense looking fellow, turned up at a venue to perform Live at Extrapool (HEILSKABAAL RECORDS HK002) in 2006. Judging by his anxious expression on the CD photo, he clearly wishes he hadn't bothered, and would rather be anywhere else but there.
He is facing a large back of fierce-looking electronic equipment on a table and considers himself unequal to the task. However, he acquits himself quite well with these two bursts of semi-organised noise bursts, trying hard to arrange shapeless electronified blat into patterns and layers that you might want to hear more than once.

Gonzo (Circus) by Peter Vercauteren

...Meteen na deze plaat de cd-r (honderd stuks) met geĆÆmproviseerde (de poĆ«tische nachtmerrie van een fabrieksmedewerker) live optredens (Nijmegen, 2006) door onze hersens laten slaan, was een minder goed idee. We schikken even op van enkele vreemde geluiden (we gokken op het doodsgepiep van een pluchen beest tijdens een potje wurgseks), en dan doen loops hun intrede. Fijn, maar op geen enkel moment wordt het niveau van de lp bereikt, waardoor ons motto ga steeds voor het vinyl steviger dan ooit overeind blijft.

Vital Weekly by Frans de Waard

Although this is recorded at my beloved Extrapool, on December 8 and 9 of last year, I didn't see this happening - I wasn't there.
Kasper van Hoek is a man who goes through the thrift store to find old technology. Record players and tape decks have his main interest. Feeding with crude sound material he picked up along the way on likewise cheap microphones, making internal connections, cutting them up and looping them around - quite a physical approach to music. In this concert, the last in this approach (newer technology makes his way to his house now), he used two cassette decks 'connected in a loop and where muted on the mixer, a turntable (with no power connected) was plugged into the mixer and, when touched, acted as a receiver for the tape sounds'.
If you expect a barrage of noise than you wrong. Two rather short tracks (almost nine and eleven minutes) of highly controlled noise. Especially in the second one, with it's loops from the turntable and high pitched sounds on top, this works rather nice.
Van Hoek keeps his material under control and delivers quite intense pieces of controlled noise, which is something that is always spend on me. Short and to the point.