Kasper van Hoek

Businesscard-CDr (4:58 min.)
Self-released 2007
100 ex.

Business-card CDr that was given away for free during an exhibition at the NP3 gallery

1: Untitled 2: Untitled 3: Untitled


Vital Weekly by Frans de Waard

Labelboss Kasper van Hoek released a business card CDR, for whatever unclear reasons not on his own Heilskabaal label, but as a private thing.
Three pieces which were made as part of an exhibition in NP3, where he found all the sound. Kasper's music so far has not been the most quiet, but it was never as noisy as it is here. Loud distorted, chopped to pieces, with feedback and scratching the surface.
The brief character of this makes this a lovely little item. Not a second too long, or too short.