Kasper van Hoek

3"CDr (18:38 min.)
Self-released 2005

3"CDr with three tracks 'made by processing sounds made with various objects'.

1: Untitled 2: Untitled 3: Untitled


Vital Weekly by Frans de Waard

In Vital Weekly 478 I was introduced to the work of Dutch painter and musician Kasper van Hoek, via his release '5', which had various diverse fragments from his work so far. In these two new mini CDR releases, he limits himself to a more conceptual approach per release.
The other release has three pieces, all made with 'objects', such as wooden blocks, stove, paper, plastic guitar and coins.
I assume all of these are also treated in some way on the computer, as none of this material can be traced back to its original form.
Van Hoek arrives at a some raw form of musique concrete that suffers from similar problems as his other release: essentially it's nice sounds and nice processings, but the compositions as such aren't always that interesting. Some stricter editing of the material is again required.