Kasper van Hoek
The Past And Waht Became Of It

3"CDr (23:43min.)
HeilsKabaal Records 2007
50 ex.

For this 3"CDr the source material for the performance given at Minerva on March 22nd of 2006 was reworked.

1: The Past And What Became Of It


Vital Weekly by Frans de Waard

Apparently this is already the 12th release by Kasper van Hoek, I may have missed some.
The basic material dates back to March 2006, when it was performed as an eight track piece, four speakers in each corner and four in the middle of the space. For this release the eight separate sound sources from the original concert are mixed together but with the intention to keep something of the original idea alive.
It starts out with glitch like organ sounds, which give quite a nice textured feel to the material, but over the course of the next twenty-three minutes things get more heavy with skipping vinyl, a bit of distortion but it lands safely in some more noisy glitchy territory again.
Quite a travel, but surely a nice one. Maybe I am less keen on the more noisy bits these days, but throughout I thought this was a great work, one of the best out of twelve.